Microwave & Infrared

Electromagnetic Technology is a new innovative technology. It involves range of frequency band from Electromagnetic Spectrum for Drying, Heating, Sterilization & Curing Process. This Spectrum involves Microwave, Infrared & UV. No boiler or steam generator is required so pollution free technique & also less space required. This new Technology is faster, consistent, controllable, productive, cost effective, efficient and uniform.

1. Microwave Technology

Microwave is an innovative concept by applying high frequency electro-magnetic energy to substance which results in to generation of heat within material without applying heat from outside.

How Microwaves Heat?

Alternating Electric field

Space charge polarization Orientation polarization

When the material to be dried is conveyed through Microwave field, the water molecules in the material reorient constantly to align with the changing field. This movement generates heat inside water molecules and makes entire mass of water to evaporate it uniformly without heating the product externally.

Most Important MW Frequencies to be used for Heating–

915 ± 13 MHz and 2450 ± 50 MHz

It can be used for drying of different products like Food, Textile, Chemical, Pharma, Foundry core etc. Microwave is also used for Heating & Curing of different products as well as Microwave assisted reactions of Chemicals.

Microwave Sterilization:

Microwave Technology extends product shelf life with preserving its nutrients, taste, Color & Aroma.Under the same temperature; it needs a shorter time to sterilize with the microwave technology than with traditional methods. It can sterilize the materials outside and inside at the same time.

Microwave Curing / Vulcanization:

Microwave systems are widely used for the vulcanization or "curing" of rubber products, especially for the continuous vulcanization of rubber profiles and the pre-heating of large rubber products like bridge bearings etc.

Modern multi-mode microwave vulcanization systems work via volumetric heating which depending on the type of rubber processed, has distinctive advantages. Pre-heating using microwave systems leads to shorter production times, less energy consumption, and a more even vulcanization of the final product, improving the mechanical properties like compression set etc.

  • High-speed
  • Saving energy
  • Heating evenly
  • Working in low temperature
  • Maintaining the original flavor
  • No hangover left
  • No pollution
  • Running automatically

2. Infrared Technology

Infrared is an electromagnetic radiation which is generated in a hot source (quartz lamp, quartz tube, or metal rod) by vibration and rotation of molecules. In Infrared, energy is transferred, not heat. It converts the radiated energy to heat by absorption.

The resulting energy is controlled and directed specifically to objects. This energy is not absorbed by air, and does not create heat until it is absorbed by an opaque object.

IR radiation can be classified into 3 regions–

Near-infrared (NIR), - 0.75 to 1.4 μm Mid-infrared (MIR) - 1.4 to 3 μm and Far-infrared (FIR) - 3 to 1000 μm In general, FIR radiation is advantageous for food processing because most food components absorb radiative energy in the FIR region. It can be considered as a surface heating technique.

Infrared Sterilization

Infrared heating can be effectively used for enzyme inactivation. Surface temperature increased rapidly as infrared rays directly heated the surface without any need for conductors.

IR heating can be used to inactivate bacteria, spores, yeast, and mold in both liquid and solid foods.

Infrared Curing / Vulcanization

The Infrared Technology is highly efficient for the pre-vulcanization of rubber profiles and hoses. Arranged between the rubber extruder and the continuous vulcanization line the high power infrared radiation pre-cures the surface of the rubber products. This is related to a better dimension stability and an excellent surface quality. It will reduce the energy consumption and improves the cleanness of the system.