Continuous Microwave Vulcanization System for Rubber Profiles

Twin Engineers is the leading Manufacturer of Continuous Microwave Vulcanization System for Rubber in India.

Conventional Technology

Unacceptable long vulcanization times, Problems of over-curing known as de-vulcanization, Degradion of the material properties due to excessive exposure to heat.

Microwave Rubber Vulcanization Technology

Modern multi-mode microwave vulcanization systems work via volumetric heating. This means that the rubber profile is heated not only much more rapidly, but also much more evenly, especially in case of profiles with a large cross-section, eliminating problems like over-curing. Because of the fast and even heat-up of the profile, the final product is more evenly cured, and has superior properties compared to traditionally vulcanized profiles. This type of Continuous Microwave Vulcanization line is already successfully working in many Rubber Industries of India.

Advantages & USP's

  • Fast and even curing
  • Clean and cost-effective process
  • Reduce Energy Consumption
  • Eliminating problems like over-curing
  • Excellent Product Quality
  • Saving valuable work floor space
  • Green technology.

Type of Rubbers can be cured

EPDM, NItrile, natural, etc. (except silicon)


Different Models are available for 75 Kg to 250Kg Production Requirement. Please contact our Marketing department for further details.

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Major tool for improving quality, productivity & reduction in production cost. Saves fuel/electricity, time as well as reduce environment pollutions.

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