Rotary Microwave Continuous Drying / Sterilization / Roasting System

Twin Engineers can design custom built products with different applicator design as per customer & its process requirements. In special design, it can be a combination of different technologies like Microwave with Hot air, Vacuum, Steam, dehumidified air etc.

"TWIN" Rotary Microwave Continuous Drying / Sterilization / Roasting System is versatile system. It can be used as a batch processing system or continuous system. It is a Rotary system which will give better uniformity in processing. This Rotary Microwave system consists of Rotary drum type applicator, loading section and unloading section with speed control provision, Drum Rotation control, Temperature measurement and control, Microwave Power control etc. For batch drying, process timer will be provided to set batch time & pulsating time.


  • Rotary drum type arrangement will give Uniform product quality
  • Provision for Batch or Continuous Production
  • Loading & Unloading section with speed control mechanism
  • Drum Rotation control
  • Microwave Power control

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