Infra Shock Tunnel

“TWIN” Infrared Rubber Vulcanization system is cost effective solution for Rubber Industries. It is a major tool for improving quality, productivity & reduction in production cost. The technology is GREEN TECHNOLOGY. Saves fuel/electricity, time & also help to reduce environment pollutions.

Advantages & USP's

  • Fast and even curing
  • Clean and cost‐effective process
  • Important advantages of IR vulcanization are the cleanness of the process, which allows the production of biocompatible cabling in medical equipment.
  • Shock vulcanization of silicon tubes & profiles with high dimensional accuracy, shape stability as well as smooth surface.
  • Shock tunnel for the vulcanization of products with a middle wall thickness.
  • Green technology

How to Implement

The infrared system is available in vertical and horizontal design in different lengths and heating capacities.


Temperature Controller for full Process Control

Standard Models:

MODEL NO. Installed Power
TW/IR/22/3000 22KW
TW/IR/30/4500 30KW
WIDTH ( External Dimension) 650mm
HEIGHT ( External Dimension) 1500mm or as per customer’s requirement
LENGTH ( External Dimension) 3000 / 4500mm
Type of heating elements IR Ceramic
External Coating of the Unit Powder coated
Insulation Material High Density Rock Wool
Power of a single IR ceramic heater 650W/ 1000W
Power Supply Voltage Three‐phase 415V
Max. Surface Temperature on heaters 2500C
Max. Temperature effect on materials 2500C
Drive Roller provided for material support & guide
Optional Conveyorised Drive With Variable Speed Drive

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Highly Effective & Cost Competitive Vulcanization System Green Technology Saves fuel/electricity, time as well as reduce environment pollutions

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