Microwave System for Foundry Core Drying

Electromagnetic Technology is effectively used in Foundry Industry for Core wash Drying, Core Coating Drying, Resin Core Curing Application.

Twin Engineers is the leading manufacturer of Microwave Foundry Sand Core Drying System in India.

"TWIN" Electromagnetic System is specially designed for Foundry Industries for sand core drying & resin core curing. This is cost effective solution for Foundry Industries.

The ability of Electromagnetic energy to selectively heat certain materials such as water while not heating - sand cores, Styrofoam patterns or investment casting wax is of great benefit to the foundry for high speed drying and processing.

This technology is also used for Layer Drying & de-waxing of investment casting.

Advantages & USP's

  • Environment Friendly Process - No radiated heat-loss so advantageous for Operator
  • No need for preheating & Cooling stage so Immediate handling for further Processing
  • Low Temperature drying with High Core Strength & Less Time requirements
  • Uniform heating through entire thickness - Microwave can dry every bit of moisture in complicated Core design also.
  • Drying cycle of only 5 to 10 minutes
  • 100% Dry Cores & No Wet Spots anywhere
  • Energy requirement is only 25% as compared to Conventional Technology
  • Less Space area Requirement
  • Low maintenance
  • Easy to Operate & Control


  • Electronic timer for time setting of Batch.
  • Microwave Power Control
  • Temperature Measurement for Product Temperature
  • Turntable for Uniform Heating
  • Multi magnetron system for even energy distribution & uniform heating
  • Material handling trolley for Model No. TWFY/BATCH/9000 & TWFY/BATCH/12000
  • Exhaust to remove water vapor
  • Emergency switch is provided
  • All SS Construction. And Dust Proof Cavity
  • Installation & Training for Maintenance & Operation

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