Paddy Microwave Processing System

Twin Engineers is pleased to announce the new development of Infrared - Microwave Paddy Processing Technology in India. It includes Microwave Starch Gelatinization (Parboiling) and Drying of Paddy.

Electromagnetic Paddy Processing will reduce the Drying time as well as water consumption in Boiling process.

This new Technology is faster, consistent, controllable, productive, cost effective, efficient and uniform.


  • Faster Soaking (33-45 % MC )
  • Faster Starch Gelatinization (> 90%)
  • Rapid Drying (up to 12 % MC )
  • Higher Head Rice Yield (> 70 %)
  • Odour free Cooked Rice
  • Environment Friendly atmosphere since No boiler is used
  • Affordable and Operator Friendly Process
  • Compact and Non Effluent Process


  • Temperature Indicator with Controller
  • Belt Speed Control
  • Emergency Switch
  • Pulsating Power
  • Multi magnetron system for uniform Heating
  • Instant Start up – shut down

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Microwave Starch Gelatinization (Parboiling) and Drying Techniques of Paddy.

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