Microwave Dewaxing System

Twin Engineers specially developed Microwave Dewaxing system for Foundry Moulds 1st time in India. Microwave Dewaxing machine includes Microwave Dewaxing process chamber, Wax collection chamber, Material handling trolley, Control panel for process control etc. Control Panel includes Product temperature Measurement, Timer for Batch time setting, Microwave power control, Multi magnetron for uniform heating.

Advantages & USP's

  • Uniform & controllable heating Save Process time by 50 – 80%
  • Energy requirement is only 40%
  • Environment & Operator Friendly Process
  • Reduce CO2 Emission by 80%
  • Less Space area Requirement
  • Low maintenance & Easy to Operate & Control
  • Microwave Dewaxing Process is milder so wax properties are less altered
  • Minimum wax wastage
  • No requirement of High Pressure Steam
  • Low manpower
  • Instant De waxing with Lower wax Inventory
  • Zero start up time


  • Electronic timer for time setting of Batch
  • Pulsating Timer for Power Control
  • Product Temperature Measurement
  • Special design for Uniform Heating
  • Multi magnetron system for even energy distribution & uniform heating
  • Emergency switch is provided
  • Stain less Steel Construction And Dust Proof Cavity
  • Installation & Training for Maintenance & Operation
  • Portable wax tank on wheel

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New Technology for Dewaxing Process - First Time in India Better Quality, Higher Productivity & Reduced the cycle Time Saves Time, Space & Energy Replace Autoclave Dewaxing with Microwave Dewaxing

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