Microwave Preheater for Rubber Profiles

Twin Engineers is the leading manufacturer of Microwave rubber Preheating system for Rubber Moulding Parts in India.

In conventional Technology, heating takes place through surface of the products which will give negative effect like over curing & it is time consuming process.

In order to shorten down the vulcanization time and to avoid possible problems, these parts can be pre-heated using microwave ovens. Because of the large dimensions of the parts, pre-heating usually takes place in batch-style ovens ensuring that the parts are pre-heated within a reasonable time.

Advantages & USP's

  • Increase Production capacity of Existing Plants by 30 to 40%.
  • Reduction in molding time saves electricity.
  • Instant start & stop.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Microwave technology heats rubber from inside – out resulting into uniform vulcanization of rubber during molding
  • Improve material flowability with in mold resulting in better finish & higher mechanical strength.
  • Improves mould life.
  • Green technology.


The Microwave Preheater can be introduced in existing compression Moulding Plant before moulding. Microwave can preheat the rubber performs before moulding faster than any other Preheaters like electric oven.

Type of Rubbers can be preheated

EPDM, NItrile, natural, etc. (except silicon)

How to Implement:

  • Preheat the Rubber performs up to 70°C to 90°C with Microwave Preheater before putting into mould.
  • Put performs in Mould for moulding.
  • Set the moulding timer for 30% lesser duration.
  • Vulcanize the part for full moulding.
  • Repeat the cycle.


Different Models are available for 0.75 Kg/Batch to 10Kg/Batch Production Requirement. Please contact our Marketing department for further details.

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Let the Technology Work for You. Save Energy, Increase Production capacity of Existing Plant by 30% to 40% by preheating rubber before moulding.

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